5102 Highway 17, Arnprior, Ontario

613-447-7526   (613-HIP-SLAM)

map              Upcoming Tournaments

Swiss Team sessions in June 

Points are 1/2 Red and 1/2 Black

  Friday, June 23rd, 12:30 pm

Thursday, June 29th, 12:30 pm

Register your teams with Wayne

(613-433-9401, siddaze@gmail.com) or in the White Binder

July Summer Social BBQ July 8th

1:00 pm NAP 1/2 Red and 1/2 Black Sanctioned Game

5:00 pm Pot Luck Supper and BBQ

Next Board Meeting July 10th 11:00 am

All Club members are invited to attend. Minutes of previous meeting available at the Club in the minute book on the bookshelf

The Arnprior Club is very pleased to

acknowledge the following ACBL 

Golden Age Master Recipients:

Mac Wilson         Gillian Wilson          Joe Rick       Carl Hendrickson

Randi Huus        Eystein Huus           Mike Donnelly     Leo Coulas

Bill Buttle           Linda Buttle            Phyllis Brennan    Ron Anglin

 Dan Baran is wearing the shirt in memory of Mac Wilson


©Bill Buttle